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Welcome to my Malaga blog. I m Manuel and I will be writting about my experience in Torremolinos / Malaga. I just moved here after being six years in Ireland and I am looking forward to share my Malaga experience.



stock-photo-infinite-empty-nature-road-goes-till-the-horizon-road-to-teide-volcano-in-spain-639256318Today was a crosspoint day. Sometimes things go a certain way until a change appears. Especially when it is going down at a certain point things come to way where we are at a crosspoint to decide which point to go from here. I first came to Malaga in 2010 to burry my best friend who wanted to be burried at sea in Andalucia. Despite being helplessly down at this point in life with the sudden and senseless dead of my best friend a felt a feeling of being home here in this place.

After spending seven years in Germany and Ireland I came to another crosspoint of my life this year and I decided to go forward and take the road to Malaga or better Torremolinos just next to Malaga. I have found an exiting opportunity to join a B2B sales outsourcing company that is just generating more than 50 new jobs here in Torremloinos until the end of this year. An exiting opportunity I was looking for probably since 2010. In the last years Malaga has been developing into a small silicon valley and a start up place now in addition outsourcing provides a new poetntial for job growth.


Many Europeans live already here there is no shortage of skilled German, Dutch, English or Skandinavians and the conditions to set up business have been improved dramatically in the last years. I am very exited to be here and be able to create jobs in a place that was so far mainly relying on tourism.

It is a lot of work to be part of this change but I do enjoy it. I went to work after a short night my partners father had cancer detected yesterday and since he is in Venezuela we had a very tense and short night. Later at work a close friend called me from Ireland and she was devastated she had no more nergy and will to go on in life. It is a crosspoint day where we need to figure ut the best way to go on from here. I had my way down after having a burnout and being without energy to go on.

DSC_0974I decided to also open another blog crosspoint where i share my insights about life and career since I have been working for the worlds largest jobserach engine in the last four years I want to share my experience my opinion my advise and my insides.


Sometimes we all need to see the right way forward from the crosspoint where we are. I am determind to go forward from here and make the best out of all the challenges I face right now.

there is a way forward although it sometimes needs to be explored and it takes new strength to go there the enrergy will come to us to go it

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