How To Accomplish More With Small Steps

We can everyday make choices to set ourselves up to do more of what we can do. Reflecting on what and how we do things and some simple steps to be more effective and get more successful day by day.

How To Accomplish More With Small Steps


Take small steps and control what you CAN do :

Sometimes when I want to start writing I am paralysed. Overwhelmed by suddenly having to write a text and not being able to start. By fear of what I have mind is not enough or not good enough. Actually focusing on doing it step by step helps me. Even a journey of one thousand steps starts with the first step. A text a blog or a book also starts with the first sentence and then another one and the next one.

How to approach this:

  • Don’t focus on the overall task focus on each small step how to get there

  • Do not stop yourself start it step by step and keep going

  • Focus and what you can do and achieve right now in this moment

  • Break tasks down into smaller tasks

  • Do not think about all the things you want to do at once focus on them one by one

For example if you get home after work do not think about „ I have to wash my clothes, call my friend, cook something, write a blog…….“

Instead of thinking about everything just do it start washing the clothes, then call your friend….

This will give you far less a feeling of being overwhelmed and leads not only to less stress and anxiety but it focuses you on doing things.

Do not struggle learn grow and celebrate small successes

We all make mistakes and we all have failure. Learning from it helps you grow and move in the right direction. Do not focus on the set back learn from it and grow. Think about everything that went well and celebrate every small success. Focus on what you can do differently when something was not working and do more of what works well with you. We all can minimise our weaknesses but what will always work best is improve and continue more of what you are good at. Do not just keep a to do list also have a Things I have done list and have every small step on it you did today. Feel good about everything you achieved today and keep on going in small steps for the next day.

We are all limited by time and the level of energy we have. Do not take yourself down by what you could not do in a day. Look at everything you were able to do and keep going.

Learn from everyone around you and help others succeed

Instead of envy or feeling sorry for those around us at work in a club or sports team or any other way we get together with others. Learn from them learn from their failures as well as their success. When I started a new job in IT sales I had no idea what to do to be successful. I just approached all of my colleagues and asked everyone what makes them successful I took and adapted my own approach to it. Later I became successful in helping others and sharing what worked for me. Do not keep success to yourself as a person in your career and in life the real success will happen when you support and help others by sharing your best practices and make others successful too.

Being selfish keeping the „secret“ of your success will only make you lonely it will not help you to accomplish more or be more successful.


Listen Think Communicate To Win Others

Success can rarely happen alone. It will be hard forcing others to believe in you and what you want to achieve. We have to win people to be able to do that it is not just about what we want but also thinking about whom are you addressing. What is important to them and what is the best way to win them.

How to make this happen

  • Think about who you will be addressing what is important to them

  • Be humble do not force your message across

  • Have collaboration and a situation where both sides will gain the goal before approaching people

  • Take time to think how you want to say something to win others

Conclusion in order to get well through tricky questions in a job interview :

  • Do not overwhelm yourself approach everything step by step
  • Break down To Dos in smaller tasks
  • Just do it and go on doing things step by step
  • Share your success and support others
  • Think about who you want to reach out to
  • Find your own way to best communicate with your audience

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