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Connect with an impact and make it work


We network and connect via many different ways Facebook, twitter, Skype, phone and even face to face in real life. What can we do to make that work better and connect more impactful and effectively?

Connect with an impact and make it work

Connect / Networking

What is it good for :

We all need connections in real life at work, school, in clubs and associations and yet although we should be good at with all the social media and mobile available to help us we lack often to have a real impact.

What matters when connecting :

Plan and follow your plan

Why is this important :

If you just happen to check in or react only to your network you will lose sight of those to whom you should have reached out. Plan review and reflect on your plan and adapt it constantly. Connecting with people keeping up a work or private relationship is work. If you want it to work think and plan how you can make it work.

How to approach this:

Do not distract yourself

Why this is important :

Do not find excuses why you should give up on someone or stop reaching out at all. Although rejection is tough stopping to reach out will not improve anything. We all have a natural instinct to flee and hide sometimes, when it comes to building or living connections / relationships fleeing should be the last and worst thing we do. But stopping every relation or connection cannot lead to anything good. Also prioritise connecting with others is giving much more than TV,Netflix or gaming can give you in life. No one will ask what Netflix series you watched but who you knew and if you were there for them.

How to approach this:

Conclusion Connect with more impact and be more effective :



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