Connect with an impact and make it work

We network and connect via many different ways Facebook, twitter, Skype, phone and even face to face in real life. What can we do to make that work better and connect more impactful and effectively?

Connect with an impact and make it work

Connect / Networking

What is it good for :

We all need connections in real life at work, school, in clubs and associations and yet although we should be good at with all the social media and mobile available to help us we lack often to have a real impact.

What matters when connecting :

  • We all want to be taken seriously if you connect with someone make sure it makes sense for both of you if you connect without a common goal in mind it will be a dead connection

  • Do not forget to connect in real life an online only connection can hardly work in the long term

  • The power of a personal note even a good old written card or letter should not be underestimated this will be much stronger than likes and pokes

  • It is not just about you it is about the both sides what is in it for the other one what can you and what are you willing to do to reach out and be a good connection for someone

  • Do follow up in time and care about your connections this also means make a choice with who you connect your time and energy is limited therefore you need to realise and choose which connections really matter

Plan and follow your plan

Why is this important :

If you just happen to check in or react only to your network you will lose sight of those to whom you should have reached out. Plan review and reflect on your plan and adapt it constantly. Connecting with people keeping up a work or private relationship is work. If you want it to work think and plan how you can make it work.

How to approach this:

  • Take 5 minutes each day and think with whom you want to connect today this week, this month and plan it in

  • Update if something changes and plan accordingly

  • Think about how you want to reach out to each and everyone maybe a call is better and more real than sending a voice message via Whattsapp

  • Decide for the best way to reach out respond and communicate and plan it in

  • Follow up and reschedule do not dismiss or forget those you want to impact on a daily weekly or monthly basis


Do not distract yourself

Why this is important :

Do not find excuses why you should give up on someone or stop reaching out at all. Although rejection is tough stopping to reach out will not improve anything. We all have a natural instinct to flee and hide sometimes, when it comes to building or living connections / relationships fleeing should be the last and worst thing we do. But stopping every relation or connection cannot lead to anything good. Also prioritise connecting with others is giving much more than TV,Netflix or gaming can give you in life. No one will ask what Netflix series you watched but who you knew and if you were there for them.

How to approach this:

  • Use your plan to focus on who is important and how you want to make an impact with them today this week or this month

  • TV, gaming and social media are nice distractions but balance it wisely and keep in mind that connecting with others can give you much more in life

  • Avoid being frustrated easily and keep on reaching out to others even if sometimes some one disappoints you or rejects you there are 5 billion other people on this planet to connect with but you will have to make the first step

Conclusion Connect with more impact and be more effective :

  • Reflect with you you want to connect and why
  • Plan how to make your connections / relations work
  • Have a mutual benefit in mind relations are not one way streets
  • Do not give up on yourself if you make a bad experience
  • Do not distract yourself and disconnect with the world



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