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Embrace diversity and different perspectives


Many companies officially welcome and embrace diversity. But what does that really mean? How can it lead to be a good thing for everyone and how it adds different minds and perspectives. How can you use best all different characters at work or in life?

Embrace diversity and different perspectives


Why is that important :

embracing diversity on paper or a website is one thing but doing it in the day to day life is very different. How to best approach diversity in people and minds at work is a complex task. It is necessary to rethink your own position and be humble and allow other thoughts ideas and approaches

How to approach this:


Taking others on board and valuing them will pay off in the long term but it is important to sit down and reflect first. Do not focus on the difference of a person alone gays do not want to be reduced to sexual orientation and people with a different skin colour are more than just a colour especially at work focus on the people not stereotypes.

People want to be accepted but not put in a corner because they are different & no it would not be helpful to give statements like I don’t have a problem with…

There should not be a problem in the first place and therefore no one should have to make a statement like that.

Diversity at work should not be tolerating others it should be expressed in different characters within a group or a team.

The characters people can show at work

The thinker

This team member is rather introvert analysing and thinking a lot.

He or she needs time to reflect and asses. If you plan a team meeting for example these team members would welcome to have an agenda ahead so that they could think of ideas and things they want to say ahead.

The adaptive leader

This team member is taking complex situations tasks and processes and can translate it in an easy understandable way for everyone. This character can process complicated matters fast and adapt them quickly. This could be an ideal coach mentor or trainer within a group or a team.

The Creative

This team member is constantly coming up with new ideas. They just need a small hint and they start developing lots of ideas thoughts and new ways how to do something. This team member is very valuable to consider new different ways of doing things. The challenge is that creatives are often unstructured, If they are provided with a structure for their thoughts and ideas they can become leaders in developing new approaches.

The Social

This team member is getting along with everyone inside and outside of the company. They can be very important to keep a team together or win new clients. They are naturally a trusted adviser a go to person that is trusted and valued. They thrive from interaction and being with people.

The Value Based

This team member is living by a set of values their ethics always comes first. They thing about fairness at work within a team and how business should be done. This member sets an example of how to think about the importance of values and ethics first is also a vital part in keeping people together.

Brining It Together

There are different character traits we all have and we all have different backgrounds and cultural based values. For example in Germany or the Netherlands there is often a very direct approach people say clearly what they want and what they think and they would expect an honest direct communication. In the UK there is more an educated diplomatic approach to communication and that can often times lead to confusion or conflict when brought together.

How to handle this best:

Conclusion in order to get well through tricky questions in a job interview :

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