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How you can set yourself up to boost your career


The feeling at being at at crosspoint not really knowing where to go with our career whether within the company or outside is something that can keep us up at night. If you feel the urge of doing something about your career I hope my post can help you set yourself up the right way.

How you can set yourself up to boost your career


Why is that important :

If you do not asses where you are now and where you want to be how can you make sure your career can go into the right direction.

If you feel bad about something at work understand what it is and what you can do to change it. Our goals and situation in life change and we need to constantly reflect on them and adapt. Maybe you want less stress and pressure in your job and you want to change your career into something that provides you a better work life balance; or whether you want to have more responsibility and make the next step in your career reflect before deciding how to approach it.

How to approach this:

Take action

Why is this important :

Even the longest journey always starts with the first step, it is also important not to stop there but to continue going it. The only person that can improve or change your situation is you.

How to approach this:

Do not stop yourself

Why this is important :

Do not find excuses why this cannot or should not work. We are naturally against change and afraid of the unknown. If you have set a SMART goal go for it. Avoid distracting yourself or procrastinating; it is always easier to watch TV play a video game or be on social media then realising your own dream. Use your plan as a structure what to do and when and follow it with your own passion. You are the manager of your success and you own the brand you create about yourself.

How to approach this:

Conclusion in order to get well through tricky questions in a job interview :


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