How to make it through a challenging job interview the easy way

Job interviews are becoming more and more challenging. Recruiters and interviewers want to see how candidates act when put under stress. They also want to see how we would master if we have to think outside of the box. Here are some easy ways to get through a challenging job interview.

How to make it through a challenging interview the easy way

Why do you want to change from your current job?

What is the thinking behind this question :

The person interviewing you wants to see if you are really interested in this particular job and this company. Is there a problem in the job you currently have?(This could put up some red flags for the interviewer if you go into it it might show you as problem focused)

Is this just one of many jobs you applied for; or do you have a passion being with this company. They also want to find out what do you expect when taking this job versus your current job or any other job you may be offered.

How to approach your answer:

  • Think before applying is this really the job I want right now & is this the right company for me?

  • Why do I want to make the step and change?– What are my expectations?

  • How can I add value to this job and this company?

  • Think about a compelling reason why this company why this position and why now?

  • Do your homework research the company on their webpage and on sites like LinkedIn or Glass door.

  • See if your background and your expectations match with the company culture and the expectations of the company

A possible answer could be :

Î see this company as the perfect fit for me. I saw your CEO talking about becoming mobile and social is the future of the industry and I feel that this is a companies vision I want to be part of. I also feel that your company which embraces a diverse and international work culture is right for me since it is exactly what I am looking for. Based on my aspiration and my experience I strongly feel I could add a lot of value to the position and the team I would join. I have been always looking for a change to be in a position like this and I look forward to it.

Tell me about your biggest weaknesses

What is the thinking behind this question :

We all have weaknesses that is human. The interviewer wants to see if you are honest with him/her and yourself. Do you know weaknesses you have and how do you deal with them?

How to approach your answer:

  • Make a hones assessment of yourself and recognise the areas you are not good at

  • Think about how you work on your weaknesses and how to tell others about it

  • Avoid silly answers like “I do not have any weaknesses or my biggest weakness is chocolate” the second one would work if you want to work for a chocolate factory or a cafe

A possible answer could be :

My weaknesses are that I have difficulties to delegate and to manage my own time. I take on too many tasks because it is hard for me to say no and to entrust my work to others. I am working on it I did a time management seminar and I learned how to prioritise and how to say no I also learned how to effectively delegate. Since I am using this my experience has been quite successful.

What is your plan for your first 30/60/90 days

What is the thinking behind this question :

The hiring manager wants to find out if you have done your homework and if you really connect with the company. He or she wants to see if you have made a plan up in your mind how to on board and how to become successful in your first 90 days at the new job.

How to approach your answer:

  • Look up 30/60/90 day plans in preparation for the interview apply it to your own situation and plan how you would approach your first 90 days

  • Focus on learning on boarding and networking in the first 30 days then think about how to effectively start using this to become successful set yourself milestones for achievement

  • Ideally prepare a plan and share it during the interview

A possible answer could be :

In my first 30 days I would try to learn as much as I can; and I would try to get to know as many people in the new team and company as possible. I would then like to shadow successful colleagues and learn best practices from them. I would then like to achieve xx by xx and become more successful as I move on to day 90 by also constantly reflecting on my goals and objectives.

If I gave you material to build a Lego house and you would have 30 minutes time to build it for me after 15 minutes you find out you have build it half way but something went wrong”… What are you doing now?

What is the thinking behind this question :

This is to put you in an unexpected situation. This situation could show to possible approaches and outcomes either you would be focused on finishing on time and continue to build the house—Or you want to focus on doing it right from the beginning and restart building the house.

How to approach your answer:

  • Do not get nervous keep your calm

  • Approach this genuinely and explain why you would react to this one or the other way

A possible answer could be :

I would restart building the house because I want to do this the right way. I would feel bad delivering something with bad quality. I am very much focused on doing things right so I would try to get it right from the beginning and maybe ask for a bit more time if I run out of time.

You have build the house on your way to me you fell and the house breaks in thousand pieces “ What would you do

What is the thinking behind this question :

Again this is about confronting you with a stressful and frustrating situation. The interviewer wants to see how you react in such situations and of course this also is about honesty and admitting failure.

How to approach your answer:

  • Be yourself and explain your feelings and how you will handle this situations

  • Explain why you would do things the way you decide to do the,

A possible answer could be :

This would really be frustrating for me. First I would clean up the mess so that no-one gets hurt by all those pieces of Lego lying around. I would then take a deep breath go to you explain the situation and ask if I can do it again.

Conclusion in order to get well through tricky questions in a job interview :

  • Stay Calm and do not become nervous or baffled
  • Think about why you want this job and be part of this company
  • Prepare a plan for a successful start do a 30/60/90 day in the job planing
  • Stay yourself and be genuine
  • Be prepared and do your research think about why you want this job in this company and why you see yourself there


Good Luck in mastering even a tricky interview!

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