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Be A Champion In Receiving And Giving Feedback


Without receiving feedback you do not know how others see you all you have would be assumptions. Yet it is challenging to give and receive feedback because it is closely associated with critizism. Here are some ways how to be better prepared to receive and provide feedback.

Become a Champion Feedback Provider And Receiver :

5 criteria for given effective feedback

  1. The provider of the feedback should be trusted and credible in the eyes of the receiver. Be humble be genuine and leave the emotions out focus on what you want to achieve by providing feedback

  2. Be on time and have a positive outcome as a goal. Feedback should be provided as soon as possible. If it is to change a bad behaviour it should not happen 2 weeks later also keep in mind to focus on a change for the better when providing the feedback.

  3. The feedback is not a one-way road. Set up an open atmosphere and take in the view and the opinion of the receiver.

  4. Have a precise and clear message. Keep emotions and personal feelings out and provide a clear direct based feedback that is based on facts and circumstances and has an improvement as a goal.

  5. Feedback should be helpful not hurtful. Focus on the goal to improve and win over the receiver get him or her on board and work together on improving.

The wrong reasons to give feedback

The Right Reasons To Give Feedback

Feedback Is Not Just Negative

When I was coaching at work and asked for example what a sales person in a conversation with a customer did well they always responded by—”this was not good, I could have done that better—sometimes I had to come back and ask three times “please tell me what you think was going well”

Unfortunately feedback is still seen as criticism and something negative. For me it is a waste of time only focusing on negative aspects using what is going well and also focusing on everything good is fare more powerful and leads to better outcomes than just simply criticizing.

Conclusion To Become A Champion In Receiving And Providing Feedback :


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