Keep It Simple … ways too improve your CV

The CV is your entry card into a new job it decides if you are considered or not. Since we only have this one chance to make a good first impression when applying here are some tips how to improve your CV.

Ways To Improve Your CV :

USE KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid) :

Many recruiters have to go through a lot of CVs quickly in order to find the best possible candidates for an open position. Just as you might read this blog on your phone many recruiters will often read CVs on their phones or tablets as well a complicated looking CV makes it much harder to read on a mobile phone and it also makes the job of the recruiter to find the information they need more difficult. Think less about logos design or funny crazy ways to make your CV look different focus rather on content. What is important is that recruiters find the relevant information quickly and that they understand your work background your education and your skills.

Make It look simple but interesting to read

Think about what value and strengths what skills do you want to demonstrate. Use a style that is easy to read and that features your skills and experience best.

Make it look professional

Proofread your CV for errors and possible gaps.

Make it as clear an simple as a business card no one has their birthdate or hobbies on their business card, so you probably do not needed that on your CV.

Think rather about :


include all relevant skills not just IT language or software skills but also like being an important contributor in a team or being trained in speaking publicly e.g. via toastmasters.

Include volunteer experience to showcase the skills you have obtained through this. Explain how you got these skills and why you are mastering them.

Talk about achievements and success

stay away from describing your work experience.

Nothing is more boring than reading a job description.

Describe how you performed describe what results you achieved and point out things that you are proud of in your job experience like being the best marketer of the month or the top sales executive in a quarter.

Tell those who read why you stood out in your current and previous jobs and how you will be a contributor for the position that you are applying for.

If you had already many positions shorten the older once and focus more on the last three jobs that you had.

Knowledge & Education

Do not only talk about school and University education talk about knowledge experience and skills that you acquired in addition to that.

for example a language show the reader how you learned this language why you learned it and at what level you are using it.

There is always a good time to have a look at your CV and to update it in order to make it more work for you in the future.

Conclusion :

  • Keep It Simple Think More About Content Than Logos
  • Focus on relevant information and make it easy to understand and read
  • Show your key skills and successes do not write a documentary



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