Tips to start learning and growing

Growing and learning is important we constantly need to acquire new skills or advance the knowledge we already have. In this post there are some sites that help you grow and learn.

Helpful sites to improve your skills and knowledge :

Linkedin Learning :

If you are a LinkedIn member you can use the LinkedIn Learning page. It offers you skill based courses ranging from creative writing, to management, sales or marketing skills.LinkedIn Learning provides most courses online via videos scripts and most of the time multiple choice tests to complete a course. You can also follow several courses towards a learning paths to learn for example how to become a digital marketeer, a manager or a SEO expert. You can show successfully completed courses and paths on your LinkedIn profile and improve your skill page on your profile. is part of LinkedIn if you are not a LinkedIn member you can take the courses independently. Lynda offers a free trial a basic version for 14,95 Euros per month and a Premium subscription for 24,95 Euros including the option to download content for offline learning.

Open University & OpenLearn

The Open University is offering a wide range of academic courses online and party present with recognised University degrees. OpenLearn is an initiative of the Open University that offers 1000 courses for free.


Emagister offers academic degree courses as well as skill based courses. Some of these are for free others come with a tuition fee depending on the courses you choose. Emagister offers like the Open University also recognised degrees. Emagister and its courses are available in different languages like for example Spanish,French and German.


Udemy offers over 65.000 courses with different fees attached to them. Udemy is also available in different languages and offers courses to businesses as well as individuals.

It is never too late to learn something new or too improve. The biggest challenge will be your inner voice so fight the “I have no time, I am too tired, it will be too complicated…. and help yourself to grow and learn.

Conclusion :

  • There many sites available to help you learn something new even while you are busy with your job
  • Some courses and some sites are for free others offer course based or subscription based plans
  • To be able to grow and learn the biggest hurdle is the voice between your ears open yourself and start learning and growing

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