Start Your New Job With Success

Getting a good and SMART start in a new job is not always easy. We are new to everything and everyone and we need to handle a lot of input when starting a new position.

How to start your new job with success :

Connect and build a network

Who is important for your network :

Basically everyone that works with you, your managers your colleagues and everyone else involved or depending on your job. If for example you work in a sales team you must look beyond your own team connect with marketing, IT, finance, sales support teams, business development,PR and also connect with other sales people outside of your own team. This will give you a maximum opportunity to learn and grow every person you can connect with can play a major part in setting you up for success.

How to approach this:

Try to get to know as many people as possible in your first days. Set yourself a goal like at least getting to know fife new people every day in your first two weeks. Plan who contributes to your position and who else could be impacted by what you do and approach them step by step. Introduce yourself and be curious ask how you can best support them and listen, do not be afraid of asking- overall listen more than trying to talk, the first days should be you taking in most from your new company and colleagues.

Avoid :

Although it is natural fight the urge to say in my previous company we did… it should not be you telling anyone how things where done with your previous company the first conversations should be about you and more important your counterpart and the new company.

Make a plan

What is it I want to plan :

Plan what you need to learn and where are maybe uncertainties or gaps. Discuss your plan with your manager and see how can best set up yourself for success. Find out what is essential for your new role what will be the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for you and your team; what will be other objectives and targets your work will be measured on. What are challenges that you will face and who could help you overcome challenges.

How to approach planing

Maybe you will have an on boarding plan or a checklist from your new company use it and add any add ons or gaps that you face. Otherwise use a plan for each week of your first three months and follow up on what you could cover.

Avoid :

Going into too much details and finally get lost in details ask what are the key points that you need to master for your position. The goal is for you to get a good understanding of what you need for your position you do not need to be an expert about everything but rather master the tasks required for your job.

Work life balance :

Why is this important :

Especially in the first days and weeks in a new job we are very exited and passionate. It is important to keep in mind that you need to have a good work life balance in order to stay productive and healthy.

How to approach this:

Plan your success and part of this plan should be socialising with friends after work, taking time off for yourself every day and managing your energy so that you will be able to give your best at work.

Avoid :

Avoid falling the trap of needing to show your passion by taking on more tasks than you can handle, avoid doing over time for the sake of demonstrating your passion for the new company and the new job. The best way you can do that is being the manager of your own brand and planing in recovery as well as being productive.

Listen,Learn,Adapt & Play

Listen & Learn :

Ask be curious and listen apart from trainings listening to colleagues who have already been successful in the job is the most valuable learning experience. Try to find a mentor and have regular exchanges where you can shadow listen and learn. Take the most out of every training you can get weather It is classroom, webinar or read through s. Make notes to remember better on average we remember only 10% of a training unless we visualise it for ourselves.


Adapt to your new position and find how to best full fill your job with your own style and your own personality. Find your way of doing the job and do more of what works well.

Play :

Organise role plays and play around with the new systems and tasks you will need for the position. Playing will be the ultimate and hopefully fun way to prepare yourself.

Avoid :

Avoid not being humble enough to learn. Even if you are very experienced there is always something new even if it is maybe a different point of view that you did not have. Excluding yourself from this by being closed to listen and learn will harm your chance to be successful massively.

Conclusion to have a successful start in a new job :

  • Connect with the people in your new company
  • Plan for success use a structured approach to address what you need to do to be successful
  • Take care of yourself and keep your work life balance at a good level in order to stay healthy and productive in the long term
  • Listen,learn adapt and play


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