What Makes Employees Stay

There are many factors making employees concerned or even leave. What makes us leave a career and what will makes stay and continue our career?

Here are some things that make us leave :

  • Stress at work, work overload unpaid constant over time demand and conflicts at work are impacting not only the well being and productivity but also the motivation at work

  • Feeling being stuck, the feeling of not growing advancing and learning any more can also make us want to leave our current position

  • The relation with your manager, people leave managers not companies there is sometimes truth in this if a bad work relationship lets an employee quit

  • Feeling overwhelmed being constantly under the pressure of fulfilling more expectations and tasks than you can is also forcing many to leave.

  • Change, in every organisation there is constant change how it is communicated and how employees are involved in change is a key factor to make people stay on or leave

What can you do about it

  • If stress takes over address it talk to your manager and seek help find tasks that can be delegated and see how you can improve your time management constant over time is unproductive and unhealthy and you need to talk about it to find a solution before your health the quality of your work and your motivation is impacted even more.

  • If you feel that you have a routine that makes your job being idle and you do not see ways to learn grow and advance it is time to act. Talk to your managers if you can take on other or additional responsibilities see what options to change and grow within the company are possible. Make a plan where you want to be in the next twelve months and discuss it with your manager. Also explore trainings and courses that will help you learn new things and grow.

  • Like in life also in work relationships can suffer. If there are misunderstandings, miscommunication or other factors influencing the relationship with your manager address it immediately. If you do not talk about it you will not have a chance to improve things. Keep in mind that there are always two sites and get an understanding of your manager and try to make clear how you feel.

  • Feeling overwhelmed is something you need to address. Make a plan and address what is it you struggle with and what and who could help you getting it done. Come up with solutions and find the best way to be able to master your job.

  • If you feel uncomfortable with a change address it also try to understand the reasons for the change and plan how you could do to best handle and adapt it. Constant change is part of all organisations the best way to handle it is to find a way how you can adapt with it instead of resisting or grieving and dwelling about the good old times. In most changes there lies an opportunity to grow.

What could companies do

  • Create an open environment  to exchange opinions and ideas hold regular meetings and create a platform to discuss and bring in ideas and open communication

  • Have a clear and transparent communication strategy employees can only gain a good understanding of why things happening if there is a maximum of transparency within the company

  • Do not just have exit interviews to explore why employees left check in regularly as HR and give employees the opportunity to express themselves

  • Check in regularly how employees are doing and what can be done for improvement

Conclusion To Help you Stay :

  • Companies should be open and transparent and listen to their employees regularly
  • As an employee first understand what makes you feel uncomfortable think about how to address it and what could solve the situation and move things forward then address it and talk about it with your management pexels-photo-684385

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