Always Ask Yourself WHY

 In times where information is instant and we expect we can have everything in an instant we tend do have the same approach in our job search. Networks with job search like LinkedIn. Jobsearch engines like Adzuna give as an instant evaluation of our CV and tell us how much we are worth. Why not sending the CV or our LinkedIn profile everywhere? Shouldn’t we get more results ? In job search it is often better to pause and ask yourself why!

Here are situations where you should ask yourself WHY:

WHY do I want a new job?

Why do want to leave your current job :

  • Is it because you did not get a promotion – why would it be better to leave then to stay on learn WHY you could not get the promotion this time grow improve and work on your future success

  • Is it because of a bad relation with your boss- why did it came to this and what can you do to change it

  • Is it because you need to change your job—have you yet explored if there would be a different position available for you in your current company

Why do you want the new job?

  • For a pay rise — will the rise be worth it is it guaranteed you will make more money or would it relate on getting a bonus

  • For learning something new —- Is there a possibility in your current company to learn grow and maybe get different responsibilities

  • I always wanted to work for that company that I am applying for— have you checked how it is to work there have you asked current or former employees, have you researched about the company culture and rating on Glassdoor etc.?

WHY am I the best person for this job

Why do I match best with the job description:

  • do you have the right skills and experience required to be successful

  • Do you align with the companies values and mission

  • Have you done your research about the company and the position on LinkedIn social media and Glassdoor

Why will I be successful and happy in this new job

  • Do you have a good feeling about this company and this position

  • What gives you confidence to be successful and happy

  • What is your impression and gut feeling about the people you have interviewed with did you connect well with them or did you feel uncomfortable

WHY will this be the perfect career step for me

How will this change be beneficial for you :

  • Is this new position an advancement for you

  • Do you have a plan in mind for your first 30/60/90 days in the new job – how do plan to become successful in this new role in your first three months

  • What is this role offering you – focus on facts not on promises

How will you add value in this new role :

  • Can you use your current and previous skills and experience in this position

  • Are you passionate about this work and the company

WHY will I be happy about this change

What are the reasons that make you happy thinking about this role :

  • Will you have a better work life balance

  • Will you be happy and motivated doing this job every day

  • Do you have a I cannot wait to start there feeling & attitude

WHY am I ready For This & Why Now

Why are you ready for this :

  • Have you done your research and set yourself up for success in this new role

  • Can you picture yourself as the best person to be wildly successful in this role

WHY now :

  • Is this a chance for a role you have been preparing and waiting since a long time

  • Is the new position giving you the responsibility growth and remuneration that you expect right now

  • Will this be a role that in terms and rewards provides you with what you want right now

Conclusion If you start by asking yourself WHY :

  • This will get you closer to your dream job and ensure your future success
  • You will be able to focus a clear application for a position that you really want and that really suits you
  • You will not play CV lottery and see what job comes back to you — you will go after your dream job
  • You can be confident that you are the right person for this role

All the best in going after your dream job!


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