Help Recruiters Find You On Linkedin & Xing 

If you are currently looking for a job or open to know about new career opportunities for you there are ways making you found easier by recruiters on network and career platforms like  Linkedin and Xing  

Most recruiters use a special recruiters access to find candidates on  Linkedin and Xing. These access are working similar to you using google to find something on the internet; recruiters use keywords based on the job descriptions and skill matrix they have for a position to find candidates.

How recruiters search on LinkedIn & Xing


  • Keywords. Recruiters look for keywords such as industry, location, job titles anything relevant to the job description they need to fill.
  • Skill / Hiring matrix many recruiters work with a hiring matrix where key skills for positions are valued by a point system. These are like checklists where criteria are evaluated by a point system that gives them a final score to rate candidates. These criteria can include things as IT skills, language skills, educational skills, knowledge of working with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) or CRM(Customers Relationship Management) systems.
  • If you look for a job on LinkedIn you might only look at the first two or three pages this is similar for recruiters they will mainly go for the top results to investigate.

Once they come to an interesting profile they will then dig deeper and check your profile for a better understanding how you might be the best fit for the position they need to fill. Recommendations on LinkedIn can be helpful here just as a good relevant profile that explains your track record your passion and the main skills you have.


How you can you help to be on the top list for recruiters on LinkedIn and Xing



  • Include all your relevant skills in your profile. Do not leave out any skills especially professional skills you obtained throughout your career like IT skills, trainings. If you had a communication or sales training include details about it. Which systems are you able to work with do not just generalise like CRM skills tell wich CRM systems you worked with like Siebel, Salesforce, suggar, SAP… If you had a training about coaching include who gave the training and what coaching methods and models were used. At linkedIn you can include that in the skill section and the certificate section if you earned certificates through trainings. At Xing you can include that in the section what you have to offer.
  • Do not leave out all work experience and describe your success and what this job included to be successful. Show your full track record and what helped you to be successful.
  • Provide details about your skills if you have different language skills provide details how fluent you are in the language and if you have for example worked with customers from different countries.
  • Soft skills. Provide information about how you contributed to the success of your teams. State what of your character skills help you being successful like being well organised or how you handle challenging situations or pressure.
  • Linkedin you can make yourself visible as being open to receive job offers on LinkedIn you can choose job titles that correspond to your job search and state in which countries you are willing to relocate for your new career. Provide in the note for recruiters what you are looking for and what value you will add to those who consider you for being their future employee. The note section is like an open brief cover letter that can convince the recruiter to get in touch with you.


Keep your profiles up to date and think about what key skills will make sure you will be considered for your future dream job. LinkedIn provides you with its learning section the possibility to acquire additional skills and knowledge use this to work on your progression and development. Life long learing and acquiring of new skills demonstrates that you care about your progression make sure you include your success on your profiles.


Update and improve your profile to make sure you will be on top of any recruiters search for your future dream job.


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