Dos & Don’ts For Job seekers In Your Hiring Process

Avoiding not doing the right thing and doing missteps is part of what makes us fail in our job search. Here are some Dos & Dont’s



  • Make your research and prepare for each step of the process from the phone to a video or face to face interview. You can find some tips in my post 10 tips to prepare for a job interview.
  • Be engaged and curious be interested in the job you are applying for ask what it takes to be successful in this role. Show interest in the company and the team you will be working with get some insights on Glassdoor  or company profiles on Linkedin. Research on the company’s website and prepare any questions you still have about the role the team or the company.
  • Follow up after each step of the process and if you have any questions you forgot to ask or any thoughts you want to share feel free to do so. Recruiters and hiring managers know that interview situations are stressful for candidates and that they might have something to tell them they simply forgot. It is OK to write an email and say I thought about our interview today and I want to share some of the thoughts and questions with you..
  • Take every step of the hiring process seriously. Even before applying think about how to best adapt your CV & cover letter to make an outstanding impression to those who will read it.




  • Get emotional. Be energetic and show your passion but do not get emotional. When you are frustrated by how long the company takes to organise the next interview leave the emotion out of your follow-up and remember that you are managing your own brand throughout the whole hiring process.
  • Act arrogant. Do not make statements like ” I know I am overqualified for this job” or show an attitude as if the company should be thanking you already for having applied and that they now should not bother you with any further questioning.There is sometimes a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance be aware of how you want to be received.
  • Be late or unprepared for interviews. If you do not remember statements you made in a previous interview or you do not know much about the company you want to be part of this will leave a lasting impression.
  • Play a role. Be yourself be genuine think why you see yourself to be successful in that job and be able to genuinely explain why.Be selfaware and be the best version of yourself in every step of the hiring process.
  • Use standard answers to interview questions. Make each response your response do not sound as if remembering some standard phrases.
  • Blame your current or former company colleagues or boss what kind of impression will that give to those who may have to work with you in the future. Don’t blame life society or anyone else for bad things happening to you during an interview. The hiring process is there to clearly show that you are convinced you will be a valuable and successful future employee who is capable to handle challenges in his work life just as well as success.



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