What You Can Do To Prepare For A Phone Interview

Most companies use phone interviews to screen candidates, recruiters reach out and check if you match their criteria and their expectations. This is your chance to move to the next stage of the recruitment process, it is also your chance to fail before you get to a video or face to face interview.

Here is a checklist for success for your phone interview


  • Take your time.If you are called by surprise feel free to ask to arrange a better time for your phone interview. Since this is your first step in your application process take your time to prepare well for this important first hurdle.
  • Prepare do your research on the position you applied for check how the job description fits your skills your passion and how this position matches your plan for your next career step.
  • Research. research the company that you are having the interview with. Is this company growing. Does this company have a culture that speaks to you. How do the values and the news about the company make you feel. How will you feel being part of it and how will you contribute.
  • Connect. Check the LinkedIn, Xing or twitter accounts of those interviewing you. See how you connect with them and how what they are posting is relating to you.Mention that you have checked their profile and state what you find interesting about them. Interviews are there to check if you should be part of this company this will show that you have prepared and that you are keen to join this team of people.
  • Set the stage.Make sure you can do the phone interview in a quiet area where you are undisturbed. Make sure no messengers pings calls pets friends partner or noise will disturb you make sure you will be having a good connection so that YOUR voice will be heard during the phone interview. Experienced phone interviewers can get an excellent impression of you by the sound the tonality of your voice during the interview, make sure you can be at your best. Since most phone interviews are done by recruiters you can be sure that there will be an expert in phone interviewing on the other side of the phone.
  • Keep calm & take your time.Part of any good phone interview is testing your reaction when questioned about something that makes you feel under pressure or uncomfortable.If there is such a question like “when did you last handle a difficult situation at work” ; it is ok to pause and take your time before answering. Listening is even more important during a phone interview than shooting quick answers back. You are not supposed to answer as quick as possible but as genuine and good as you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Make sure all your questions about this job the company and the next stage of the application process are covered. Prepare your questions beforehand make sure you know what it takes to be successful in that job when the phone interview is over.Ask about compensation benefits work hours start date the next stages of the hiring process. This shows that you are interested in getting this job and it helps you know if this job will be the right one for you.
  • Take notes.Take notes during the interview to have your own recap ready. If you will be at the next stage of the hiring process you can work from there. Don#t interupt the interviewer rather note want you want to say and bring it on after the interviewer is finished with his or her time to talk.
  • Follow up. Send an email after the phone interview state why you feel you can add value to this company doing this job and why this is the next best step in your career, Thank the interviewer(s) for their time and confirm that you are looking forward for the next step.

Phone interviews are your chance to make a good first impression.

Make the BEST out of it.



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