When It’s Time To Change Direction

When the fear of the weekend ending and the thought of going to work on Monday is making you feel bad and anxious it is time to sit down and reflect.

Is this (still) the right job for you or are you heading to a dead-end for you your personal life and your career?

Some signs that you have or will soon come to a dead-end


  • Personal Development Has Stopped. You are no longer learning new sills you do not get the chance to develop yourself. You hit a wall where you are stuck in an idle repetitive routine without a chance to learn something new.
  • You cannot use your talent in your current job. Your job does not require you to use your talent and you can not be at your best. We can only be successful and efficient when we can use our talents and our skills. If your current job is not offering an exiting challenge but a boring duty you have to perform.
  • You do not feel comfortable at work. When you feel that you are not part of the company culture when company events colleagues or your boss are making you feel unwelcome or unaccepted it is time to realise you will soon come to a dead-end here. 
  • You wake up dreading the work-day. The way to work is a way to hell if it is  that  hard to walk for you and you feel anxiety already when you do it is time to think. Your work should be something that challenges but also excites you; if it is just a misery then you need to think if it is worth continuing it.

Some of the consequences of these signs can be:


  • Your health suffers. You can develop pain, anxiety problems and issues that will affect your overall health. Life is too short to let it come that far and if you are at this point you need to change something.A dead end situation in your job can make you seriously sick life is too short to let that happen.
  • Your work life balance is not healthy and you start loosing your personal space relationship and friendships will suffer and at the end your quality of life is suffering.
  • You hate your work  and that can easily lead you to a downwards spiral where you are either suffering or you project your feeling onto others.


If you feel you have come to a dead-end at work and you see some of these signs and feel some of these consequences you need to change. You can try to change the situation at work and have an honest conversation with your superiors and your colleagues about how to improve things and how the current situation impacts you. If you do not take action and talk no one will be able to align with you and help you find a solution.

Headspace & 7mind are  apps that you can use to handle stress being overwhelmed and to reduce anxiety the apps show you a ten minute a day approach of how to streamline your thoughts and feelings  and clear your head during stressful times.


If you see no solutions at your current work and you do not have internal opportunities within your current company you need to explore opportunities outside of your current job.Get clear about what you want where your passion lies and how you can best use yours skills and your passion. Job search engine Adzuna  let’s you evaluate your current CV based on comparable data this can give you a hint not to sell yourself below what you are worth for your future job.



Before you are hitting the wall or turn circles in a dead-end

Change direction and explore new opportunities.

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