Make Your CV Great Again

When was the last time you reviewed updated and upgraded your CV? (curriculum vitae)

With all the time we spend checking new positions matching skills and trying to find the right career with the right company we often neglect a very important piece our CV.

Your CV can make a better impact on its reader if you:

  • Update it constantly review your CV every month and check if all necessary information on it is up to date.Check your CV against your LinkedIn or Xing profile and see if it is as updated as your networking profile.
  • Skills include all relevant skills not just IT language or software skills but also   like being an important contributor in a team or being trained in speaking publicly e.g. via toastmasters. Include volunteer experience to showcase the skills you have obtained through this.Explain how you got these skills and why you are mastering them.
  • Manage your brand your are the manager of your own brand the CV is an important piece to showcase it.One of the best examples for a great CV that is branded perfectly is the one of this programmer rleonardi  who did present his Cv in form of a video game he programmedgamecv.jpg.Demonstrate that you can tell the reader why you are the perfect fit in a clear and organised way. Always have those who read it in mind; recruiters and hiring managers go over a lot of CV every day make sure you use the right keywords to brand yourself.
  • Talk about achievements and success stay away from describing your work experience. Nothing is more boring than reading a job description. Describe how you performed describe what results you achieved and point out things that you are proud of in your job experience like being the best marketer of the month or the top sales executive in a quarter. Tell those who read why you stood out in your current and previous jobs and how you will be a contributor for the position that you are applying for.
  • Education tell the reader about your educational background this is not only school or university related experience you can also tell the reader about training you received courses you made. If you learned for example a language show the reader how you learned this language why you learned it and at what level you are using it.

There are different ways how to present your CV in different countries in Germany or Spain it is expected that you include a photo of yourself whilst this is uncommon in France and in english speaking countries.To find out in which European country you should use what kind of CV template you can use Europass it provides background information sample CV and provides CV templates and cover letter templates in all European languages.


You can get help to write your CV on Job search portal Monster  it offers a variety of CV templates.


CVmaker offers a free service to create a CV in different languages.


Show your brand your story and your track record in the best way possible and in the appropriate form for the country you apply in and






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