Champion your next job interview

Job Interviews are the most important steps towards a new career. Apart from preparing well for it and fighting nervines we need to master it. Although sometimes we just want to pleaaasee survive the job interview I will share some ideas how to not only make it through but master a job interview.


  1. Be prepared Do your preparation and exercise the interview and possible questions so you can go in with confidence and well prepared. This also helps to be less nervous about and during the interview.(You may look up my earlier post about how  to best prepare.)
  2. Be yourself. Do not play a role be yourself be genuine, you want to get hired for the person you are not for someone you pretend to be.
  3. (this does not apply to actors when they have a casting:-))
  4. It is Ok.It is Ok to be nervous actually it shows that you take this interview serious and as something important to you. It is OK not to have an immediate answer to all questions you can take your time and think about your answer. It is OK not to talk most of the time listen get a feeling of those interviewing you and ask any questions you might have about the job, the work environment or the company.
  5. What are your weaknesses. This question is more about seeing how genuine you are and about your ability to reflect on yourself and work on weaknesses that you have to improve it.Show that you are human like we all you have weaknesses you know about them and you work on them.
  6. Tell a story.Prepare to tell the story of your CV your education your background your work experience. Point out everything that can be relevant in relation to the company and the job you apply for. Add anything that is important but not part of your CV.Talk about achievements, about things you are proud that you have achieved and how you got there. Talk about challenges you mastered and in what work environment you thrive the most. Tell the story why you want this job and be part of this company and why this is important to you.
  7. Common sense. Be on time, dress for the occasion and plan some additional time in. Be engaged and curious about the interviewers the company and the position that you want.
  8. don’t hesitate. Do not hesitate to engage after the interview give some feedback and if you feel that this job is for you share it with those you interviewed.Stay engaged and show your passion for this job and this company.

I hope some of the advise here is helpful feel free to add your own ideas and input and should you currently be interviewing Best of luck to you !



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