Finding Your Dream Job Made Easier

Going online and finding your dream job is now easier than ever before. Using Linkedin can give you some good insights you can with Linkedin:


  • Check the company profile and get to know the company
  • You can get in touch with employees of this company via Linkedin
  • Linkedin shows you how your skills and experience on your Linkedin profile match with a job
  • Glassdoor also shows you what companies had the largest job growth and in what kind of jobs they are growing

Glassdoor let you:

  • check the company profile and get to know the company
  • See how employees rate the company and learn from their experience by reading their comments about worlk-life balance or the benefits the company provides. This is similar to checking a hotel or restaurant on trip advisor and provides some good insights.
  • Glassdoor will suggest jobs and companies based on your CV


A new way to match your personality with a company is Good&Co.



Good&co is available online and on the appstore as well as on the google playstore.It matches your personality and skills based on quizzes. Good&co was developed in partnership with Psychometrician Dr. Kerry Schofield. with simple easy and short quizzes it allows you to :


  • Find out more about you and your preferences for the ideal work environment
  • You can match yourself with companies and employees from those companies
  • You can get suggestions about companies that are ideal matches for you

At the moment Good&co  is only available in English and German it is a fun and easy way to discover more about yourself and companies or people who you consider for your future dream job.

The quizzes are done in a modular style that does only take some minutes. It is amazing to discover more about you and at the same time match it against a company that interests you.   Good&co’s PPA (Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm) is behind these quizzes it is based on over two decades of career psychometrics and psychological analysis.


How many times have we asked ourselves is this job really for me? Now we have the possibility to be more sure about one of the most important decisions of our lives our career.We can now overcome the fear and doubts of the unknown better by knowing if we are the right person for this company. Even more it let’s us discover if certain companies are right for us.

Good&co’s website & apps make it simple easy and fun on your way to find your dream job and it let’s you rate it against the company you think working for.

Using this will help you get closer to your dream job in your dream company. I think it is worth investing some minutes to do it. We all deserve to be happy at work.




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