How You Can Still Get A New Career In 2017

For changing a career still in 2017 it is time to take action now. The job search application and hiring process will take some time.Now in October and November you still have the chance to make a change for 2017.Overcome the fear of change  and think about the advantages  of changing your career now in this year. Open yourself to the possibilities and the new exiting experiences that this can bring for you.Doubts and fear should not hold you of to change for the better.

Here are some insights and tips.


  • What am I passionate about? Think about what motivates you and where your passion lies. Also consider what work environment what company culture and what job conditions work best for you.
  • What are the skills I need for my dream job?Reflect on what skills you need for the career you want.What will it take to be successful in your dream job.
  • Rewrite your motivation letter. Explain your passion and your motivation for your career change based on your passion
  • Update your CV. Update and work on your CV point out current and former achievements. Include the skill set you have for your new career.Job search portal Monster offers a variety of CV templates. Also CVmaker offers a free service to create a CV in different languages.


  • Linkedin you can make yourself visible as being open to receive job offers on LinkedIn you can choose job titels that correspond to your jobsearch and state in which countries you are willing to relocate for your new careerli
  • Xing  offers you the possibility to clearly state what you are looking for and what you have to offer in the headline of your Profile.

Personal Network. Use your personal network to seek out new opportunities many companies use employee referrals to find new talent if you know someone working at a place where your next career could be have a honest conversation with them.


  • Linkedin can provide some advise which positions match your skills and your CV best.
  • Adzuna can evaluate your CV and will per email suggest positions in the country you are looking for a position based on your CV.
  • Glassdoor gives you insights on how a company is rated by its employees and gives you some insights about the company and its culture during your job search.
  • Monster  offers you a job search per country and will make your CV visible to recruiters.
  • Indeed offers as a job search engine a wide and international variety of open positions via email alerts you can get email updates about news jobs posted in the region or country you are preferring.

Why it is important to act NOW

Most open positions for 2017 will be posted now in October and November. The majority of recruitment departments and hiring managers will not work during the christmas and new years eve period and you need to start the application process soon to be considered and successful in 2017.

Good Luck!



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