Why This Is A Good Time For Starting Your Next Job In Malaga

Malaga has been on the rise especially in Tech sales and customer service jobs in the last years. In 2017 Spain has recovered its economic strength from before the crisis and Malaga has been seen a boom in European investments job creation  and new residents than never before in the last fife years.

What speaks for Malaga

  • The quality of live mountains beaches, sun and a reach culturual live as described in last years New York Times article  The rise of Malaga to a cultural hub was also described by the NYT here
  • Cost of living in Malaga is among the lowest in Europe with apartments to rent or buy still at an affordable level
  • Malaga and its region also known as Costa Del Sol is currently home to many Europeans with local newspapers schools radios and asociatons from Germany,France,the Skandinavian countries Ireland and the UK 
  • Malaga has a well developed public transport system with highspeed railways as well as a metro and local train connections

Why Work in Malaga

  • Work Life Balance working in Malaga offers an exellent quality of live with great working conditions
  • An excellent healthcare system and a low income taxation allows you to live very well 
  • Malagas Tech Hub is evolving and offers more oportunities than ever
  • Start Ups especially in Tech have been rising and developing at a faster pace than ever before apart from Madrid which is about to outplace Berlin this year in Start Ups Malaga has been similar evolving
  • Outsourcing and BPO has been booming in Malaga do to a wide variety of international talents 

Will the current Catalan conflict not impact  Malaga?

Uncertainty in Cataluna may even move more new jobs to a safe place like Malaga in addition the high living costs in Barcelona but also in London Dublin or Munich have made many Europeans consider Malaga for their career.Overall this conflict will probably not have the outcome of Cataluna leaving Spain a solution giving the Catalans more rights will possibly be the outcome of the current conflict.

Where to look for jobs  Work in Malaga

  • Think Spain is an english portal with a wide job offer in english
  • Info jobs  is one of the leading Spanish jobsites
  • Monster  offers mainly positions for developers and specialists in computer science

In addition LinkedIn jobs and Indeed spain are good sources to find the right position.

Why now?

  • The prices for rent and living in neighboring Marbella have been up more than 10 % whilst now in Malaga the development is still at a good price level 
  • If you look for a career in sales customer service or Tech and a great living and cultural experience Malaga should be on your career map
  • The creation of new jobs and the development of Malagas Silicon Valley in its Parque Technologico has just started to rise



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