You can now match if your skills on LinkedIn match with a career at Disney

Disney Careers gives yopu now the opportunity to match your skills from your LinkedIn profile for a suitable position at Disney.Instead of looking through jobs and job describtions and find out yourself if a job is matching your skills you can now match your skills withj all open positions at Disney with just one click and in just some second.


Why you want to do this:


  • You safe time too search for a position
  • The suggestions will match your skills with the requirements for a job 
  • The chance to get an interview will be much higher
  • The risk of not meeting the requirements for a job are far lower than just by applying 



Disney & LinkedIn are leading the way in making seraching and applying for a new caeer easier faster and increase the chance for everyone to find the right match.


I hope we will see more of this soon to help more companies and all of us to find each other in a faster and easier way. Wasting time scrolling down long lists of job openings and trying to find the right job seems outdated when I see this new way of matching and applying.However this can only work if we update our LinkedIn profiles and companies do their job in attaching relevant skills to their open positions.






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