10 Tips How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Having been a hiring manager for the last seven years in Germany, Ireland and now in Spain I would like to share my personal tips how to best prepare for a job interview.


  1. Prepare for each interview. If you are currently on the jobhunt and having several interviews coming up you need to take the time to prepare for each interview individually. No hiring manager wants to spent time with a candidate that does not seem to take the position they apply for important enough to prepare for it. In the next steps I will share some advise how to approach this.
  2. Research. Research the company you are interviewing with. Find out what they do who they are what their company culture is. Research the company and its profiles on pages like Glassdoor LinkedIn or Indeed. Review how they are rated and how the interview process is rated and described.
  3. Get to know who interviews you. Have a look at the LinkedIn, Xing or social media profiles of those you will interview with. Don’t be afraid of mentioning it and pointing out if you found out something interesting about them on their profiles or publications.
  4. Interview them as well. In a job interview you are not just answering to questions; you interview them as well. By asking questions you show interest and engagement and you can demonstrate how well you have prepared for this. Prepare to ask questions about the company its culture the position the way top performers are succesful and what makes them successful ask even about bonuses or personal development to demonstrate that you are ambitious if approbiate. Ask what it takes to be successful in this job and answer how this will work for you.
  5. Prepare to dress for the occasion. In an interview for a job first impressions count. You only have this one time to leave an impression. Prepare to dress according to your interview rather dress up and risk to be over dressed rather thatn being under dressed during the  interview.
  6. Be always on time. Whether you have an onsite interview or a video or phone interview. Make sure you will be there on time. For an onsite interview check how to get to the location and prepare to be there before the interview starts. For a video or phone interview make sure you will be available and undisturbed for the time of the interview. Plan in additional time before and also for the occasion that the interview might take longer than planed.
  7. You are responsible for your own brand. Now your CV and your LinkedIn profile as well as anything esle you prepared like questions to ask by heart. It will leave a bad impression if you cannot explain parts of your CV or you seem to be struggeling during the interview.You are the marketing manager of your own personal brand.
  8. Contribution. Think about what you can contribute to this job and this company. How can you add value to this position. How will what you bring help and how can you be a successful part of your team.
  9. 30/60/90 day plan. Think about how you would spent best your time during onboarding and training. How will you prepare to be successful after the onboarding and training. What will you do to become even better and develop yourself once performing in the role.
  10. Be Genuine. Please be yourself. No one wnats diplomatic answers or political speech during a job interview. Don’t learn and re-tell prepared interview answers. Be yourself answer and approach all the questions and situations during the interview in a way that relates to you. Show your true self and your real personality and approach it in your own style. You have your own unique personality and again YOU are the manager of your own brand.

I hope this tips are helpful for you to best prepare for your next interviews – make it a success !



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