Millennials What We Really Want


After reading a lot about what Millenials want and how they tick I thought it might be good to have some answers about what Millenials really want when it comes to jobs and careers. Some self prcolaimed experts who write about what we want suggest that our generation is lazzy not used to face challenges and wants to play all the time.


Of course when you ask us in a survey would you like to have a playful relaxed   work who would say no?

Or if we are asked is the meaning and purpose of a job important sure we will answer yes.

Millenials have lived through the .com bubble burst in 2000 to 2002 the worst financial and economic crisis we have seen in a hundred years and constantly leaving with terror since 2001.

Millenials are not lazzy fools who only make selfies and play with their smart phones. Millenials have to face the toughest challenges affecting our lives and our careers and we so far  think we do a good job keeping up with all these challenges. In Europe the financial crisis is still impacting job chances and salaries for many young Europeans.

By the way  we will never get a credit leave alone a mortage as easy as our parents did.

So what do Millenials want now that we are considered since the economy is changing and the war on talent startet finally even  in Euope since  2014?

We have been trough education systems that are not digital we just had the same old and outdated old fashion eduction as our parents. We had to experience that we know more about technology and the internet than our teachers.

When we look for a job we don’t open the newspaper we use todays technology we look online and we expect:

  • To find a job that we can see on a smartphone
  • Job ads to tell us what the company offers to us not only what we are suppossed to have as per requirements
  • We want to know if your expectations of your next employee matches ours
  • job ads to be honest and individual not having the same monoton phrases  

When we apply for a job we want :

  •  to apply right away without lengthy questionaires where we fill in information that is already on our CV — Let us just send our CV and if you need more information call us and let’s talk
  • We want an answer we want real engagement a call not a generic email response we want to be taken seriously
  • We want to rate you for your application process just as we rate a hotel or a stay via Airbnb

 From a job we expect

  • To be more up to todays technology than the schools and universities we went through
  • Use technology to make life & jobs easier if it makes sense to do certain things via home office enable us and trust us to handle it
  • We are motivated by good pay and development we want to earn money and develop our careers we can play or find lives purpose in our free time
  • We want to be succesful and recognised in the time of our success not after five years of service 

Millenials know that there is more than facebook or instagram in our careers we want to be able to use and develop our talents – and yes we want to be succesful and earn money. Playful offices cheerful events and employee fun managers will not pay our bills either.

Millenials want to be taken seriously because this generation lives through times and challenges that are anything but a playful cheerful game for some fools. stock-photo-interior-of-busy-design-office-with-staff-524387770








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