Careers & Jobsearch Should Become Mobile & Social


Most companies in Europe and even some recruiting companies struggle to respond to the demand to apply easy mobile and social. Sending a cv via an app on the smartphone and tablet comes more and more common for jobseekers. According to the Jobsearchengine 80% of jobseekers in Asian countries like Japan,South Korea or Taiwan use the mobile jobsearch in the US over 78% of Mileanials and over 51% of the Baby Boomer Generation are applying mobile in Europe the current trend goes towards 60%.


Yet many employers are sometimes still expecting written applications with motivation letters CVs and additional information or still use complex online application processes that are not mobile. Jobseekers today especially in countries where there is a employee driven jobmarket like Germany or the US do not want to engage in outdated and complicated application processes. Applying for a job should be easy open mobile it should be as easy as sending a tweet.

If the current US president governs by twitter jobseekers want to have an easy solution to apply. Most jobsearches and applications are done Modays and during the work week. Employers who need talent have to rethink and adapt to the expectations of todays jobseekers.

In addition the hiring process needs to be well structured and organised talents are not willing to put up with processes that continue over weeks or months. I had to make this experience this year some companies took over a month to reply to an apllication many others took between 2 and 3 months with a lenghty while badly coordinated hiring process. One company made the difference to me Infonordic a contact center & BPO outsourcer in Malaga replied 1 hour after my application with a phone call did a phonescreening interview and invited me the next days for interviews with HR and the hiring managers. In times where talent skills and experience are needed more companies have yet to get ready to offer easy application processes and be able to respond quickly and with a swift and transparent hiring process. Especially sought talents wether in sales, marketing management, science or the medical sector will not wait for employers who cannot match their expectations.


Companies need to restructure simplify and adapt the way they search and hire talents if they do not want to stay behind. Skilled talents are the most valuable asset in any company yet the approach to find and engage with talent needs to be meeting the need of todays talents.


Quelle: Careers & Jobsearch Are Mobile & Social

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