Where Do Doctors And Scientists Go

Doctors and Scientists are in demand everywhere. A good friend of mine a doctor in Germany once told me that he just shows up at a hospital if he is looking for a new job.Whilst LinkedIn and Xing are mainly attracting entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals where do scientists and doctors go to consider a change in career? A new trend maybe set by scientist and medical site researchgate. Researchgate was founded in 2008 by two doctors and a computer scientist to exchange scientific studies and research activity around the world. Today more tahn 13 million scientists are using Researchgate. Recently researchgate has added a career and recruitment service to bring scientists doctors and institutions togehter. Like hotel career a niche jobportal for tourism this could become a niche champion in not only advancing reserach but in beeing a new crosspoint for scientists and doctors to explore new careers.

Most Doctors and scientists have so far staying away from major career networks or jopportals like career builder or Monster and job search engines like Indeed.com.

This could open a new Gate for improving the life and career of its over 13 million scientists on Researchgate. A prominent place too find these very demanded and qualified personal and a new pathway for institutions hospitals and research facilities to find the right talent. It is exiting to see how this will change the way scientists and doctors take on new challenges and find new career opportunities online.So far the majority of them has been avoiding the internet to find a new career this might be a new development enabling scientists to rethink their options and careers and opening this community to the online world of career change.



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